Try A Simple Triads Trick

Robert Renman

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Published on 27 November 2017
► Grab lesson files: - this concept is simple and very useful. ► Triads Course here: The rule is: for a minor song - go down one whole-step from the minor chord and play a major chord. I am using the simplest form of a chord here - triads. So here I am playing A Minor - G Major, back and forth. Pretty cool? When you are ready to learn with me: Go to ▼ Follow me here... Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Subscribe to my channel: I'm a guitar instructor in Canada, and I provide guitar playing lessons and gear advice, as well as gear demos. Share if you like my work! For this lesson, I used a ► Suhr Pro C1: ► KO Plexi amp: ► Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer:

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