Using Diminished Chords in a Blues Turnaround

Published on 17 January 2016
Here is a sample lesson from the second DVD of the 2 DVD "Chord & Harmony Guide for Guitar" lessons set. This lesson shows how to go about harmonizing a simple melody to create a blues turnaround. We teach not just the lick, but the concept behind creating the lick. Sure, it's "wordier" that way, but instead of just copying this one lick, you can then apply the idea to your own motifs, and create your own variations. The DVDs are available for sale at To be clear, this excerpt from DVD#2, which contains 3 1/2 hours of lessons. DVD#1 is meant for those who need an introduction to chords and music theory, and will get you up to speed for the more advanced lessons on DVD#2. All lessons contain PRACTICAL examples, and focus on not just understanding the theory, but also using what you learn to be creative.

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