Using the Eddie Van Halen Scale Part 2 - 3 Monster Licks with Tabs

Published on 13 February 2017
This is my second lesson covering the "Eddie Van Halen Scale". When people say the "Eddie Van Halen scale", what they are really talking about is a "pattern scale", or a "symmetrical fingering scale". All that means is a scale that has the same exact fingering across all 6 strings. This is a really basic idea. The genius behind this scale is that it is incredibly easy to remember, fairly easy to play, and sounds very unique. This is why Eddie liked to use this idea so much. There are many versions of this pattern scale. The version I am choosing to cover in this lesson is based on a pattern used in the solo to "Ice Cream Man" from Van Halen 1. I am playing this pattern in the key of E. This is a very challenging pattern - more difficult than any pattern I used in my first EVH scale lesson - and it requires some very difficult fingering. So, aside from just learning the basic concepts in this lesson, you will also really test your finger stretching capabilities. This lesson also covers 'outside" playing, and how to handle it correctly. For each lick, I talk about the proper technique, and give tips to develop the proper chops to be able to play them. There is lot to get out of this lesson: licks, theory, and exercises. Please enjoy, and thanks for watching!