Want to Make Your Blues Rock? Use a Little Legato

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Published on 11 February 2016
http://www.bluesguitarinstitute.com/tips Click here for more blues guitar tips, licks and lessons! In this blues lesson, I show you how to play a blues rock style lick reminiscent of Eric Clapton's playing. This lick works entirely within the G Minor Pentatonic Scale (G - Bb - C - D - F) at the 15th and 17th frets. The trick to nailing this lick is to work intently with a metronome to get the timing of the legato portion of the lick down. Legato (meaning, hammer on or pull off) is really easy to play too fast. Playing fast certainly has its place, but you want to make sure that its still in time. So start slow with the lick and build up some speed. If you're already a speed freak...have at it! The second thing to make sure you have down is the full step bend from the F note on the 2nd string up to the G note. If your bend is out of tune, you will kill this lick. Check out this video for an exercise to help you nail your bends: http://youtu.be/Yzi3Bl5rObk If you enjoyed this video and got some value from the lesson, please hit the "Like" button and please share this with your friends! If you want to grab the PDF or GuitarPro 6 downloadable TAB for this lick, click here: http://bit.ly/YFSmt4 (Standard notation included) Remember, there are more blues guitar tips and licks at http://www.bluesguitarinstitute.com/tips Thanks for watching, Cheers!

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